Private Party Catering

Private Party Catering in Birmingham

All our buffets now come as individual portions, allowing for social distancing restrictions. See our page on Covid19 restrictions for more details.

It could be an intimate dinner party or a business celebration. It might be a retirement or a well-earned promotion. Party catering comes in all shapes and sizes. So whatever the occasion, if you are looking for the best private party catering near you, we can put together a menu to suit your needs. We will provide fantastic dishes for any occasion.

I don’t have a professional kitchen.

Not to worry. We can deliver to your door. For the best catering service, call us and we can pre-prepare a range of luxury buffet food or canapés, including deserts and side dishes and bring them to whatever venue you are using.

I want hot meals. Cater for me.

Not a problem. So long as we have access to a kitchen we can bring our chefs to your venue and cook anything on site. For this, we would have to know what venue you are using and have a chance to look around the site before hand; we have to make sure the kitchen would meet our very high food health and hygiene standards. You wouldn’t have to come on this tour though! We would do this ourselves. Because we have such a wide range of experience in Birmingham and Solihull, we may well have used your venue before and may be able to let you know straight away if we are able to cook there.

I would quite like some liquid refreshment!

Not a problem. We can provide a selection of wines, lagers and beverages, both alcoholic and not depending on the event and venue. Some venues don’t allow the serving of alcohol on site, even free alcohol, so make sure you check before you book your location! We can also bring along staff to serve your guests for those wanting a bit of luxury and glamour at their event!

Great-uncle Albert is gluten intolerant, is he going to go hungry?

Definitely not. We can cater for any dietary requirement from dairy allergies to lactose intolerances, vegan vegetarian and fruitarian. Please let us know if you have people with severe food allergies so we can take extra care with their food.

Whatever you choose, you can relax in the assurance that we have everything under control, leaving you to simply enjoy the day. We are experienced finger buffet caterers.

So what are you waiting for? Why not get in touch for an informal chat about your party catering requirements? For catering in Birmingham, we have everything you need.

If I am not sure what I want, where do I start?

Catering a large event can be daunting. Please take a look at our set menus below for some ideas. We are happy to discuss any alterations or additions you would like to add. Alternatively, if you have any particular dishes you want to include, just ask and we will do our best to meet your needs.

You can also take a look at the canapé page on our site if you would rather provide a selection of hors d’oeuvres to your guests.

    Party Catering Menus