We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in our current Covid19 world. So, to facilitate buffets during this period of government restrictions, we have used additional package to ensure our food is safe to eat, safe to handle and safe to enjoy responsibly. Our socially distanced buffets are perfect for corporate, private or celebratory events.

Our socially distanced packaging ready for a corporate buffet at John Lewis.

Instead of laying our food out on platters, our new package ensures that each portion  can be laid out at the appropriate “one metre plus” distance. Each guest receives sandwiches, finger foods and drinks as a single portion. This ensures people can enjoy their food while staying safe.

Talk to us about your needs and requirements, the layout of your building or event, and we can tailor our social distancing to your situation.

Socially Distanced from preparation to delivery

Our food to prepared in a professional kitchen that adheres to social distancing guidelines. All food is separated out into individual portions and transported to the venue by one member of staff (if two members of staff are required, we use people who belong to the same household or who are in the same “bubble”).

At the venue, food will be laid out as requested and a “one metre plus” distance kept at all times.

We hope that continue to enjoy our delicious food, made with high quality ingredients during this time where even greater care is required. Stay safe.