Christmas Catering

All our buffets now come as individual portions, allowing for social distancing restrictions. See our page on Covid19 restrictions for more details.

We love Christmas. It is a time for indulgence, decadence and luxury. What better way to celebrate this time of year than to treat yourself to a feast from Just Catering with our new festive menu for 2020.

Our menu is designed to marry traditional Christmas flavours with modern presentation and convenience. Ideal for staff functions, entertaining clientele or private parties, for £8.95 per person, we include a selection of sandwiches, wraps, canapés, finger food and petit fours for desert. The whole thing can be complimented by a cheeseboard at an extra £17.50 per 7 people.

Festive Menu 2020

Here is a selection of the food from our festive menu to whet your appetite! Book soon to avoid disappointment, as our calendar will fill up soon.


Featured here are four of our most sought after canapés: cheese and ham on bread, smoked salmon on poppy seed blinis, Serrano (Spanish cured ham) and basil cream on cereal bread and smoked salmon on blinis.

Sandwiches and Wraps

All our fillings are available on either bread or wraps to suit your taste. Featured in the photograph here is my personal favourite, peri-peri chicken with red onion, cabbage and carrot salad. Absolutely delicious and very, very different.

Pigs in Blankets

An absolute classic, no Christmas feast is complete without it in my opinion. Ours is accompanied by a mango and passion fruit coulis.

Finger Food

The menu offers a selection of finger foods. Featured here are some of my favourites, duck spring rolls, moneybags and vegetable wantons with a sweet chilli sauce.

An Optional Cheeseboard

For those who would like to, we are able to add on a mixed cheeseboard with crackers at and extra £17.50 per 7 people. Why not treat your guests?

So get in touch with us now to avoid disappointment and book your festive banquet. celebrate Christmas 2019 in style with Just Catering.