All our canape selections now come as individual portions, allowing for social distancing restrictions. See our page on Covid19 restrictions for more details.

Canapés or hors d’oeuvres are bite-sized mouthfuls of culinary delight. They are great for events where guests need to move around, as they can be held in one hand. Obviously, this leaves the other hand free of a glass of bubbly!

We can provide a variety of canapé bites. All platters are delivered, freshly made, to your venue. We are experts in providing canapés and bespoke finger food buffets.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event or Christmas work do, our locally sourced, freshly made, delicious canapés are ideal for any event that requires catering.

In addition, we have a large collection of tableware, cutlery, glassware and crockery that can be made available at your convenience. We are able to supply additional staff to serve your guests and give your event the touch of luxury and elegance it deserves. For the best catering service in Birmingham, chose Just Catering.

Where do I start?

Step 1: Choose your menu.

Please select one of the following canapé menus. Please choose six canapés from the three columns. We recommend you select two from every column, but feel free to mix and match. In our extensive experience at providing canapé events, we find that providing six canapés per guest allows for a range of appetites; some guests will eat more and some less, but no one will go hungry.

Click here to view our canape menu.

Step 2: Do you want to add a drinks package?

We can provide the drinks for your event. If you want to add this package, the the food and drinks will come to £24.50 per person.

For this you will get:

2 x 125ml white wine, 2 x 125ml red wine, 1 x flute of Prosecco, 2 x beers, sparkling water, fruit cordials, elderflower, drinking water as required.

Step 3: Do you need staff?

The addition of staff raise the elegance of your event to a whole new level. It takes the pressure off the host and allows guests to circulate more naturally.

One staff member costs £47.80 (minimum 4 hours). There is an extra £11.95 for every hour after this. For a full front of house service we recommend one staff member for every twenty guests. So a party for 60 people would require three members of staff for a full service.

Decide whether you need front of house staff or simply kitchen porters. Front of house staff will pour drinks, serve food and circulate canapés around the room. Kitchen Porters will keep the table of canapés and drinks topped up, but guests will be expected to serve themselves.

Please let us know your dress code so that our staff can dress accordingly.

Dietary Requirements

We can create delicious vegan canapés. Or, if needed, we can recreate any of our options as gluten free. We can substitute our ingredients in order to cater for lactose, diary or shellfish intolerance. Vegetation and meat platters are available. Please let us know if any of your guests have severe allergies so we can be extra vigilant on their behalf.

Drinks Requirements

Whether it is alcoholic or hot, we can provide all the beverages you need. We can bring staff along to help serve drinks and food to your guests.

Then sit back and enjoy your event or party, confident that Just Catering will do the hard work for you.