What makes a good host?

What makes a good host? I’ve been to a lot of events during my time with Just Catering; all sorts of different occasions and celebrations. Obviously, my role is to provide the delicious food and to check that we are catering for all the dietary requirements that have been requested. But it does allow me an observers perspective at times. It’s a great privilege to see how people host their friends, families and work colleagues.

But what separates out the great hosts from the rest? Or if I can put it another way, what are the rules for throwing a great event?

Here are my observations. Do you agree?

Number One: Give A Warm Welcome

Do your best to greet every one of your guests. Make sure they feel welcome at the door with a sincere smile. You’d be amazed how many people get nervous attending events, and making them feel like they’re really welcome will help them relax and start to enjoy the event.

Number Two: Be Organised

Don’t spend your whole time in the kitchen because you didn’t give enough thought to the event. Plan in enough time to set out the tables, chairs, food, decorations etc beforehand. If everything is ready when your guests arrive, you won’t be stressed and you will enjoy the event more. Obviously, hire Just Catering to sort out the food!

Number Three: Put Something In Their Hand

Make sure you show your guests where you can find a drink. It helps people settle into the swing of the party by providing a transition activity. Most people can’t just walk into a room and instantly start chatting to folk. Getting a drink first provides a talking point to ease them in.

Number Four: Listen

At corporate events the host doesn’t always know everyone who is attending. An excellent host will circulate the room talking to their guests and listening carefully to their answers. The guests will know that the host has a genuine interest in them and their wellbeing. It will definitely make business discussions run more smoothly afterwards once that personal connection has been made.

So there you go, just a few pointers to get your party and corporate events started well. Here at Just Catering, we wish you an enjoyable Christmas and wonderfully New Year. Here’s to 2019 and all the opportunities it will bring.

Kind Regards,
Carl and the Just Catering Team.