What I Learned From My Window Cleaner

I’ve been looking for a good window cleaner.

It may seem like a small thing, but you have no idea how difficult I’ve found it to try and get someone to clean my windows. It’s not that they’re particularly filthy, nor that we live in a particularly inaccessible house. I’d had contact with quite a few and didn’t ask a lot of them to return, until I came across Lee. I paid him and asked for his business card. He did a fantastic job on my windows this morning.

“So what made the difference?” I found myself asking. What makes a client invite someone back and build a relationship with them? I narrowed it down to three things:

  1. Lee Had Excellent People Skills

Within three minutes of opening the door and striking up conversation, Lee and I had found out that we both hailed from the same area, both had kids and had both been recently (lovingly) mocked by our friends for our accent. Basically, Lee could identify personally with his client (i.e. Me) and form connections with them. It means I like Lee, I think he’s an all right bloke and I trust him to clean my windows.

  1. Lee Looked the Part

All the guys I’d spoken to since moving to this estate a year ago had ladders, all of them could use a squeegee, but only Lee looked professional. It’s terrible to admit it, but when you only have a few minutes to make an impression, you have to base it on how well turned out the person it. Plus, he had business cards; very professional. Good branding and a smart uniform make a strong impression.

  1. Lee Made it Easy to Contact Him and Pay.

I’m busy. I’m not going to chase you. You need to do the hard work if you want my custom. Lee’s business card told me how to pay online, removing the barrier of needing to be present when he came and to have cash on me. He even text me the night before to let me know when he was coming.

So how can Lee the Window Cleaner help me develop as a catering company in the world of many catering companies and ultimately win me more corporate clients?

  • Be Human. When dealing with corporate clients, form a connection on a human level with the person who is responsible for hiring the caterers.
  • Be Professional. Look professional and act professionally at all times. Even if you have to bite your tongue when in a confrontational situation, you will be amazed at how most people will be impressed with you once they have calmed down. You may even get an apologetic email or text!
  • Be Flexible. Do what you can to help your clients. Don’t comment on barriers in a negative way, do your best to be positive and find a way around them.
  • Be Communicative. Make sure you follow up all phone calls and prompt your clients with reminders to ensure they use you again. Make payment, invoicing and information easy to access and foolproof. Businesses are busy and people will always remember those who make their life easier.

Happy cleaning Lee, you’re a great business man.