Experiential Catering

Some would think that hosting a good party is just about getting the right food, enough drink and a half decent DJ. Not any more! More and more, people are including activities or mini experiences as part of their event. These are great for your guests, as it gives them a talking point, creates interest and is great fun! Here are some of the key ways you can add experiences to your event.

  1. Pick and Mix

This is an easy way to create an experience. Give your guests ownership by providing a smorgasbord of sweet treats and allow them to create their own pudding. It can be as simple as a selection of fruit and a chocolate fountain, or as complex as an ice cream factory. You can even put together a little sweet shop and allow your guests to create their own pick and mix in a paper bag. This is fun, edible and nostalgic. We at Just Catering can provide everything you need to create these experiences, just ask!

  1. We was ‘ere

At my wedding, I can only remember speaking to a handful of people; the rest were a blur of faces. It was only when we got the photographs developed that we realized how many people were there that we never noticed! Signing a guest book can be quite tedious and can end up sitting on a shelf getting dusty. So how about hiring an instant camera, having your guests take a selfie and sign the bottom? It’s fun, easy and can be displayed on a garland at home to keep your memories alive. If you’re of a crafty persuasion, you could have you guests sign little wooden shapes and mount them in a deep frame from a craft shop as a permanent reminder of your event.

  1. Playtime

Oversize games are a great addition to any event. A simple internet search will bring up lots of companies who hire out games, inflatables and toys for events. Think about the makeup of your guests and what your aims of the party are. If you are hosting a Christening, for example, you may want to hire some soft play equipment to entertain the children while the adults enjoy their buffet lunch and drinks at the other end of the hall.

Whatever experiences you add to your event, make sure you talk to our team about what the aims of your event are. We are happy to advise on all aspects of your event in order to make it a huge success. If you need a cake, make sure you head over to our sister company, www.shopaticingworld.co.uk for a selection of excellent celebration cakes.