An Indulgent Marriage

Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic egg mayo sandwich. There’s reason classic combinations like ham and tomato, cheese and onion and chicken salad are ‘classic’. The ingredients work so well together and bring out the best in each other. They fill the packed lunches of school children and workers around our nation.

But, sometimes, just sometimes, you just want something a little bit different.

So, I love it when customers actually request new combinations that may sound surprising but turn out to be mouth-wateringly delicious. Here are the top three, super indulgent and quirky combinations that Just Catering can provide for your next family or corporate event.

1. Beetroot and cream cheese (honestly, it’s amazing! Try it!)
2. Hummus and falafel.
3. Charcoaled peppers with falafel and grated carrot.

All three are perfect combinations for a luxurious vegetarian platter and we can also cater for gluten intolerances by swapping the type of bread. Just ask Just Catering!