A Difficult Choice

Often when I’m first chatting with a client they will ask me what I recommend from our menu. It can be quite hard to decide, as I’ve so many favourites, but I think for me hot food is always a winner. It warming, hearty and luxurious. So here are my top three from our extensive range of dishes. Which one will you choose for your next family event?

Highlight One: Chicken Balti
A classic and extremely popular with our clients. The meat is marinated in spices for hours to ensure it absorbs as much flavour as possible. Dark meat is the absolute best for this, as it retains more moisture and remains succulent. The sauce is light, not fatty, with a rich sweet tomato flavour. My absolute favourite to cook and eat.

Highlight Two: Thai Curry
This recipe was given to me a long time ago by a friend and I’ve tweaked and improved it over many years. Again, you can’t rush perfection! You have to give time for the meat to marinade. It’s very spicy, but incredibly creamy.

Highlight Three: Beef Wellington
A dish you really have to out a lot of effort into. The TA challenged me to create this one. I wasn’t sure it would hold its moisture over the course of the banquet, but it did and was a major success. I use proper fillet steak every time and you can really taste the quality.

So there you have it. My top three. Next time you need wedding caterers in Birmingham, are catering for a family event or a big birthday party, now about selecting one of our top three dishes to really make a statement with your guests? Or how about challenging me to supply your favourite dish? You never know, maybe it will make it into my next top three?